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Sustainable Harvesters now offers its delicious, responsibly grown produce delivered straight to your door. With free delivery inside the 610 Loop, and boasting items with a shelf life of over three weeks, the new service is a no-brainer. Each Produce Box contains a half-case of living lettuce, plus a revolving assortment of garden items living celery, living watercress, rainbow swiss chard, carrots, baby bok choi, radishes, cauliflower, dino kale and herbs du jour (rosemary, parsley, mint and/or oregano).


Our produce boxes include FRESH living lettuce, watercress, swiss chard, Herbs & more exciting options becoming available everyday!


For EVERY produce box that we sell during this time of need, we will DONATE one full case of lettuce to those in need.


Our "living" produce options come with the roots still attached giving you a 3-4WEEK Shelf-life in your fridge!

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