Sustainable Harvesters

Andrew Alvis & Matthew Braud started this business directly upon graduation from LSU and moving back to their hometown of Houston Texas. "Houston has one of the most diverse food cultures in the world and living in the middle of all this great food we were exposed to some of the best restaurants" says Andrew. "Whether it was American cuisine, Korean Fusion, or Southern Seafood. we kept noticing the same few "local" farms being featured". In no time they worked together to prepare a market report on the potential of the food industry and to their delight every chef they approached reaffirmed the beliefs of a huge lack in supply of quality local produce that can be offered to them year round.


Sustainable Harvesters now has over 12,000 sqft of environmentally controlled greenhouse that has the capacity to grow over 7,000 heads of lettuce per week! They market their lettuce all throughout the state of Texas to fine dining restaurants, country clubs, farmers markets, and Kroger grocery chains.  


100% of the produce grown on the farm uses a aquaponic growing technique. This sustainable form of farming combines 2 ecosystems, Aquaculture (raising fish in a controlled environment) and Hydroponics (growing plants in a soiless environment. Feeding the fish creates a waste product that gets collected and sent through a series of filtration. After the majority of that waste product is removed from the system by these filters, we send that ammonia rich water to a microbial filter which converts the ammonia rich waste into a nutrient the plants can take up. The nutrient rich water then passes below our plants that are sitting in about 12 inches of water. These plants take up these nutrients and ultimately clean the water that simply returns directly back to the fish tank. This closed loop recirculatory aquaculture system uses 1/10th the land and 1/10th the water as compared to traditional agriculture in soil.   

Derithe Felix, Houston TX

"Well maintained farm, very educational and the team of guys were very informative!"