28ct AquaMix Case 

Our signature product is a 28ct. Aquamix lettuce case that comes with 7 different varieties and is available all year. This lettuce is perfect for restaurants or farm to table events. 


Living Lettuce 

Our retail clamshells allow Houstonians to pick up a locally grown product without having to wake up early and go out to a farmers market! With a shelf life of over 2 weeks, this is a perfect addition to your weekly grocery list.  

Salanova varieties 

Salanova is a special lettuce variety that produces a high yield baby leaf. You can count on our lettuce to provide your restaurant, event or home with the most quality driven product that has a shelf life of over 3 weeks. 

Red & Green Romaine



Lollo Rossa


Red Fire & Summercrisp

Email Contact@SustainableHarvesters.com for pricing and wholesale information.