We offer aquaponics classes for everyone.  Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, educator, urban farmer or commercial farmer, there's a class for you.

AP 1: Intro to Aquaponics 

Our AP1 "Introduction to Aquaponic gardening" is a one-day class designed for those interested in furthering their knowledge of Aquaponics through experiential learning. 

Join us as we walk you through just what it take to run and operate a 12,000 sqft. Aquaponic greenhouse. 


Day includes..... 
Feeding the fish! 


In addition, we will also cover in-depth information about food safety, workflow efficiencies, and news about the upcoming Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

Cost: $100 per person.  20% discount for groups of 2+ or if you sign up for AP2 (System Design Course) at the same time.

Includes: Workbook, lunch and a tour of Sustainable Harvesters.

AP 2: System Design 

Our Aquaponics 2 class is designed for those who have a base knowledge of Aquaponics and want a deeper understanding on how to design a system and what it will take to run a produce business. We also discuss the possibilities of bringing aquaponics to the classroom through small scale systems and bringing aquaponic food production to developing countries throughout the world.


Our very own sustainable consultant, Matthew Braud, will delve into: choosing fish and plant species; Preferred equipment and suppliers; pest management; stocking density; cycling a system; and smart design for maximum output with minimal input; FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliance and creating a food safety plan; Work flow & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's);