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Public Tours

Interested in learning about aquaponics and commercial farming? Come take a tour of our 20,000-square-foot facility. Each tour lasts just under an hour, and gives you — or your students or community group! — the chance to learn about Sustainable Harvesters’ aquaculture, hydroponic and filtration components, as well as our environmental controls. Tours fill up quickly during the growing season, so click here to inquire more information. 

Sustainable Harvesters also offers a handful of farming classes year-round. Aquaponics 101 is a half-day course designed for those interested in furthering their knowledge of the method through experiential learning. 

The first portion of the class focuses on the standard operation procedure of a working commercial greenhouse, with discussions on topics like harvesting, planting, seeding, fish feeding, cleaning and maintenance — and real-world applications to optimize production and minimize time and money. The second part is dedicated to system design and production capabilities, as well as food safety and workflow efficiencies. For details on cost, parking and more, click here.

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