Our Produce

Our produce is local, sustainable and fresh. The Sustainable Harvesters greenhouse yields more than 10,000 heads of lettuce every week while running at full production — from Butterhead lettuce and swiss chard, to watercress, herbs and more. The “living” produce options come with the roots still attached, giving an unbeatable shelf life of three-to-four-weeks in your fridge. Sustainable Harvesters offers both wholesale and retail options, catering to needs of all Houstonians. To discover what we’re growing — for both restaurants and individual households.


Our products are currently available through the distribution companies below. If you are a wholesaler and interested in carrying our product please fill out the form below and someone from our team will connect with you shortly!



Urban Harvest

Sat 9-1PM


If you are not a restaurant or wholesaler but still would like to try our aquaponic lettuce, come stop by the Sustainable Harvesters booth at any of the following Saturday farmers markets and say hello!