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Aquaponics in education

Four years ago Sustainable Harvesters hosted various school districts for a presentation on Aquaponic growing technology. Little did SH know at the time that one of the school districts listening would eventually fund the first educational aquaponic system in Houston. Both SH  and Wunderlich Intermediate, which is located in Klein Independent School District (KISD), have been working towards developing an aquaponics system that can provide a supplemental school curriculum while also providing healthy food for the local community's food pantry.  

Science department head, Matt Maudlin, and the districts nutrition department head, Teresa Lane, have been leading this project from the very start. 

"This project has been in the planning stage for a long time and I am so excited to finally see this project get off the ground" says Matthew Braud, one of the managing partners at Sustainable Harvesters. "It was imperative that we get this first system right so that we can duplicate this educational model throughout the whole country!". 

Sustainable Harvesters installed the system in early May and will be activating the garden 3 weeks prior to the 2017 fall semester. The system is designed to run throughout the fall and spring semesters while completely shutting down during the winter and summer breaks. This system has the capability of teaching students various curriculum based subjects including science, math, business, and health! 

Coach Matt Maudlin, science department head and also multiple sports coach, made sure that this system could serve a dual purpose. Not only would the aquaponic system provide students with a educational outlet but also a way to help the local community. 

Wunderlich Intermediate school participates in a monthly "food pantry" program that supplies lower income families in the local community with donated food items. Now with the ability to grow their own food items, the school plans to stock the food pantry with fresh produce instead of just non perishable items. 

We hope this aquaponic system will become a model for school districts throughout the country and are so excited to be apart of this ground breaking moment for Houston. 

For more information on how your school district can implement a aquaponics system/curriculum, please visit our "Contact Page" and leave us a message. We are always looking to expand youthful education with aquaponic based learning techniques! 

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