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to Haiti

We are working hand and with A CHILD'S HOPE foundation on a project that will supply a orphanage in Haiti with the means to sustainably grow their own food. Not only will this orphanage be self reliant on food production,the foundation has provided the orphanage with self reliant energy production through solar power. We are aiming to educate the children in aquaponics and renewable energy so that they will go forward from their expereices and hopefully help the rest of the island realize the importance of sustainability. Our first aquaponics system will have the capability of feeding the 400 expected orphans the group is aiming to house. Because of the remote location of this project, we are sourcing almost 100% of the material within the island. This will allow our system to be easily duplicated throughout the mountain and hopefully allow the people to become more reliant on personal food production as well as a source for healthier food options. 

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